Chamber Launches Business Connect, Brings Businesses to Consumers

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The Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce is offering local consumers a new way to shop for services. As part of a recently completed website renovation, The Chamber’s site has incorporated Business Connect, an on-line service that makes it easier for shoppers to request information on products or services from local merchants. Business Connect offers a local version of increasingly popular websites designed to assist consumers in locating products and services. 

Similar to the popular website Angie’s List, Business Connect provides consumers with the ability to contact multiple businesses with one message. After filling out a simple request form, the site uses an advanced content management database to relay the consumer’s message to every Chamber member in the business category specified by the user.  This new service streamlines the process of ‘shopping’ for products and services by linking consumers with the local businesses offering the services they are seeking. The advantage of Business Connect is that, unlike Angie’s List, it is a free service that only uses local companies and no registration is required.

“Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for people to request information from our local businesses,” says Fred Gaffney, President of The Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce. “Establishing this connection not only provides consumers with easier access to our members, but it also encourages local spending.”

“The consumer – business relationship is changing, particularly with younger generations,” explains Gaffney.  “Business Connect brings businesses to the customer, instead of the other way around.”

Business Connect is located in the Business Directory section of the Chamber’s website,  For more information, call 784-2522.