Bloomsburg Updates Signage Guidelines

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On Monday, Bloomsburg Town Council unanimously passed an update to its signage ordinance. The changes were primarily aimed at establishing guidelines in the Business Campus district, which encompasses the former Bloom Mills site. Members of Council recommended a more comprehensive review of the signage ordinance to consider issues raised by the Chamber and Downtown Bloomsburg, Inc.

The Chamber and DBI Boards expressed concerns about potential conflicts in the revisions. Also, the ordinance prohibits certain types of signage that are already in use. While existing signs are grandfathered, guidelines for any new signage would be more restrictive. Several Council members expressed an interest in conducting a comprehensive review of the ordinance. The Chamber looks forward to being a part of this process.

One change what was made from the draft was eliminating the prohibition of murals. The downtown revitalization plan coordinated by DBI specifically suggests artwork as a way to address blank walls. A mural was painted on side of the Towne Camera building on West Main Street last year and there are many examples of attractive murals in communities in the region.