Chamber and Visitors Bureau to Dissolve Partnership

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The Chamber of Commerce and Columbia-Montour Visitors Bureau recently announced that the organizations will return to operating as independent entities. The dissolution of the Columbia-Montour Partnership for Community Development, which was initially communicated at the Partnership’s annual dinner, is expected to be complete by March 31, 2017. Long-standing Chamber and Visitors Bureau programs will continue uninterrupted, and members should receive separate dues invoices for each organization in March.

In October 2014, the Chamber and the Visitors Bureau joined together under the umbrella of the Columbia-Montour Partnership for Community Development. The primary goal was to combine resources and efforts with the hopes of better-serving the communities of Columbia and Montour counties. Since then, the organizations have been proud of the Partnership’s accomplishments, and the work conducted on behalf of its nearly 600 members.   Though both organizations remain committed to making Columbia and Montour counties an even better place to live, work and play, the strategies for achieving that common goal differ between the Chamber and Visitors Bureau. For this reason, the organizations will work together over the next several weeks to dissolve the Partnership in a manner that will allow the Chamber and the Visitors Bureau to continue to serve the community independently.

“By focusing on our core organizational strengths, we believe both the Chamber and Visitors Bureau will be better positioned to assist our members and provide them with the best value,” said David “Otto” Kurecian, Executive Director of the Columbia-Montour Visitors Bureau.  “While maintaining close ties, both organizations will continue our efforts to enhance our regional communities.”

Fred Gaffney, President of the Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce, echoed those sentiments.  “As both organizations move forward, we continue to be focused on the common goal of strengthening the employers and communities in Columbia and Montour counties,” said Gaffney.

Both organizations are committed to moving forward in a manner that is efficient, fair, and done with minimal complications to member organizations. Members are invited to direct any specific questions to Fred Gaffney at 570-784-2522 or Otto Kurecian at 570-784-8279.