Moving Forward With a Vision for Downtown Bloomsburg

Over two hundred people attended one or more of four community meetings to develop a vision for the future of the Downtown Bloomsburg. Residents, merchants, shoppers, students, artists, professionals, ministers, town officials, and retirees participated. What is their collective vision?

Downtown Bloomsburg Vision Statement:

Downtown Bloomsburg is an historic college town along the Susquehanna River that is easy to get to — Downtown is two miles from Interstate 80 and State Route 11 is Main Street.

Downtown Bloomsburg will be:

  • A regional dining, cultural, and entertainment destination. Gather with friends and family in Downtown Bloomsburg to visit art galleries, eat great food, go to the theater, listen (and dance) to live music, and attend fun events.
  • A local hub for consumer goods and services. Support Downtown providers of goods and services — shop Downtown first. Strengthen existing businesses; cater to the needs of residents, students, and employees; and recruit complementary businesses that balance the retail mix on Main Street.

The vision is the goal. The next question is, how do we get there? Meeting participants shared lots of creative ideas. To make these things happen, Downtown Bloomsburg Inc. needs resources, money and people, with lots of creativity and optimism.

Dedicated to the revitalization of America’s downtowns, the Main Street program created by the National Trust for Historic Preservation is volunteer-driven, tailored to local needs and opportunities, and based on a shared vision of the future. If Main Street is to succeed, all four points of the program must be continually addressed. They are:

  • Organization – getting everyone working together toward the same goal, raising money, and recruiting volunteers
  • Design – getting Main Street into top physical shape — historic buildings, clean streets, attractive window displays, and a pedestrian friendly, safe environment.
  • Economic Restructuring – finding a common purpose for Main Street’s enterprises, strengthening existing businesses and attracting complementary businesses
  • Promotion – selling the promise of downtown by marketing its unique characteristics

Download a copy of the Four Point Approach

Committees are made up of hard-working volunteers – this is a team effort!  Everyone is welcome. Volunteers can serve on a committee or help out from time to time on activities suited to their skills and interests. Want to make a few phone calls? Design a marketing brochure? Help at an event? Share ideas?  To find out more or to get involved, contact Adrienne Mael, Downtown Manager, at 570-784-2522 or [email protected].