Email Safety Tips – A Must Read for Every Employee

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Hi, this is Andy Gritzer with MePush.  I just wanted to send out an email to assist with email safety.

Unfortunately, email has become the biggest concern regarding virus related incidents.  While there are measures in place to catch most viruses (spam filters and antivirus) the easiest way to prevent them is through proper handling of spam/malicious email.

I will assume that most of you receive spam email.  Spam filters will catch about 99% of spam that flows to your organization.  It’s the ones that get through that we need to worry about.  Below are some tips on how to avoid compromising your accounts, your computer, and your company’s network.  Really, all it comes down to is being aware and diligent.

Example of an organization’s spam filter statistics is in the below picture



NOTE:  I will use the terms “spoofing” and “phishing”.  Spoofing is a fraudulent practice in which an unknown source sends communication disguised as a known source.  Phishing is when an unknown source attempts to acquire information such as account credentials or credit card information.

Just because it says it’s from John Smith does NOT mean it is from John Smith.  You may receive an odd email from someone you have constant contact with.  Remember to look at the email address it is from and NOT just the name.  It might show John’s return address as “[email protected]” (just an example) when the reality his email address is [email protected]

That being said we are at the point where there are a lot of spam/fake/phishing emails being sent via “spoofed” addresses.  The name AND email address will look proper.  It will say it is from John Smith with an email address of [email protected]  But when you hit reply it goes to another account completely.  Anyone can spoof anyone.  Which makes it very difficult to determine what is legitimate or not.  Also, check to make sure the signature (if there is one) matches the sender.



I am not trying to scare you; just please assume anything that comes in with a link or attachment is NOT legitimate.  Make sure you cover your bases when opening attachments from known senders and especially UNKNOWN senders.

Were you expecting [email protected] to send you a document?  Does the document pertain to something you do at your workplace or a shared interest?  If not, do NOT open it.  Contact the sender and inquire about it to make sure before opening.  A lot of times the sender or the sender’s organization was compromised at one point and you might just be receiving spoofed emails.

You receive an email from Microsoft, Google, DocuSign, etc. asking you for your account credentials. These can look very legitimate.  No self-respecting company would every ask you provide your login credentials to them.  They have them already.  A dead giveaway is if you happen to click on the link and it takes you to a landing page asking to select what type of account (Microsoft, yahoo, google, adobe) and to enter your email address and password.  Also, ask yourself, do I even have an Office 365 account?  If not, then chances are it’s a scam/phishing email.









If you oversee finances never make a requested wire transfer or open a random invoice.  These phishing experts target specific people/positions within companies.  They will get the name of the CEO, send an email that looks like it is from the CEO to the CFO requesting a money transfer.  Please check the language of the email.  If it sounds generic, chances are it isn’t valid.  We have had clients do this at great financial loss.



So please just keep this in mind when opening email.  Email has generally been the part of our jobs/home that takes very little effort.  You never really had to pay much attention when looking at your email.  Email was just, email.  Unfortunately, now we need to be very careful.  So, if something seems a little odd, chances are it might be.

I hope these tips were helpful!

Thank you, Andrew Gritzer

Chamber Foundation Extends Thanks for Support of Educational Improvement Programs in Workforce Development

The Foundation of the Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the following Chamber members for their support of its educational improvement programs in workforce development:

First Columbia Bank & Trust

First Keystone Community Bank

PPL Electric Utilities


Funds were received through the PA Department of Community & Economic Development’s EITC program.  The Foundation will use these funds to support the programs of Tech Theatre, EVERFI Financial Literacy, STEM Magnet with Bloomsburg University, STEM competition at the Bloomsburg Fair, Classroom in the Hospital, Classroom on Main Street and Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week Scholarships.  Through these programs students from middle and high schools in Columbia and Montour Counties have opportunities to learn inside and outside the classroom, in a unique way not offered traditionally. To learn more about these programs, or other K-12 programs of The Foundation, contact Foundation director, Jeff Emanuel by email or at 570-784-2522.  Thanks again for your support!

Member News – January 2, 2019

Member News

  • The United Way of Columbia and Montour County’s United in Recovery coalition will conduct free drug and alcohol treatment assessments this Friday, Jan. 4, from 3-6 p.m. at the Reliance Fire Company, located at 501 W. 3rd St., Berwick. No appointments are necessary and this event is open to residents of all counties. Medical providers specializing in addiction will be on hand to conduct assessments for anyone that does or may have an issue with drug or alcohol abuse. For more information or questions, please contact the United Way at 570-784-3134 or by email


  • For The Cause recently began a quarterly newsletter. Check it out and read more about this organization, which is dedicated to making the greater Berwick area a region of pride where those communities thrive as they live, work and play, and also read about its Teen Center and its programs, its involvement in an Eagle Scout project being undertaken by a local teenager to build a home for a homeless vet, its weekend food program and more. 


  • Service 1st Federal Credit Union employees collected over 100 toys for Toys for Tots at their annual holiday party.

    Chris Court, Vice President Accounting & Operations; Nicole Hoyes, Assistant Market Manager; Tom Rambo, Vice President Bloomsburg and Danville Markets; Bill Lavage, President/CEO.

    In place of a gift exchange, employees enjoy taking part in this very special tradition by bringing donations of new toys in hopes of brightening the holidays for local children. In addition to toys collected at the gathering, many Service 1st branch locations served as Toys for Tots donation sites for members and the community.

Winter Weather Travel Tips

From rabbittransit

  • Plan Ahead: Extreme winter weather may cause delays in paratransit service, so please plan ahead and allow extra time for travel. This is especially important if you’re making a new trip or one you are not completely familiar with. If you need to update a standing ride or cancel a trip, call our Customer Call Center at 1-800-632-9063.
  • Dress Warmly: Remember to dress for winter conditions. Vehicles will become cold during the loading and unloading process.
  • Step Carefully: Bus floors and steps become slippery from snow & ice. Kick the snow from your shoes before stepping on board. Use the handrails and take your time. Always maintain three points of contact—one hand and two feet or two hands and one foot—when boarding the bus.
  • Stay Informed: In case of inclement weather, rabbittransit may have delays. Sign up for Rider Alerts to receive an email or text message about unexpected service changes. Visit to sign up today.

Columbia Montour Chamber Year in Review: 2018 New Members

More than 400 businesses and organizations belong to the Chamber to receive benefits and support efforts to strengthen their businesses and our region. In many areas of life and business, there is strength in numbers, and that is certainly true when it comes to Chambers of Commerce as well. Increased membership in the Columbia Montour Chamber allows us to offer additional programs and benefits, have a stronger voice in advocacy and be involved in more activities and initiatives in our communities. 

2018 was a near record year for the Chamber in terms of new members, as we had over 50 new organizations join the Chamber. We thank the following 53 businesses and organizations that we were proud to welcome as new Columbia Montour Chamber members during 2018, and who we’d like to once more recognize as the year comes to an end. We’re glad to have these members on board and we look forward to working with them and all of our members to help them grow their organizations and strengthen our community in 2019 and beyond. 

OneSource Staffing
Keystone Insurance Associates, Inc.

Century 21 Mertz & Associates
Equita Final Expense Services – Elizabeth Kelchner, Agent
Elmcroft Senior Living

Budget Renovations & Roofing, Inc.
Community Options, Inc.
Rock God Brewing

XW Construction

Penn State World Campus
Traditional Home Care
Seven Point / Justice Grown
Dan Meuser

Denny Wolff
Columbia County
Advanced Realty Solutions
Edward Jones (Danville)
Framing by CJ

Henry Dunn, Inc.
For The Cause
Carnegie Agency
Hope Enterprises

Green Thumb Industries (GTI)
Profile Coffee and Roasters
Cherokee Tap Room
Danville Area School District
Lapels Dry Cleaning
Mayberry Hospitality, LLC
The Pub II
The Hilltop Bar & Grill

Bloomsburg Area YMCA
George Automotive Services

Lackawanna College (Sunbury Center)
Motel 6
JM Robbins & Associates
Ameriprise Financial McKinnon Financial Group
Bloomsburg Music Therapy

Bloomsburg Care & Rehabilitation Center
Aggressive Realty 
Dutch Hill Painting Co.
Rainer’s Professional Painting & Wall Covering

Fulton Mortgage Company