Welcome New Member: Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak

More than 420 businesses and organizations belong to the Chamber to receive benefits and support efforts to strengthen their businesses and the region. Increased membership allows the Chamber to offer additional programs and benefits, have a stronger voice in advocacy and be involved in more activities and initiatives. The Chamber welcomes Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak to help us fulfill our mission.

Founded in 2002, Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak is a law firm with locations in Williamsport and State College, which specializes in elder law and helping its clients plan for the second half of life. Its mission is to provide protection in times of prosperity, security in times of uncertainty, and comfort in times of crisis. Its areas of practice in elder law include estate planning, long-term care planning, nursing home and Medicaid planning, wealth protection and tax planning, business succession planning and much more. It runs monthly seminars on a variety of pertinent topics related to elder law and offers free initial consultations. Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak is available to meet with clients and potential clients from Berwick, Bloomsburg, Danville and surrounding areas, at locations in the Columbia/Montour region.

For more information, visit its website, Facebook page or call 570-322-2077.

Welcome Appreciative Strategies

More than 420 businesses and organizations belong to the Chamber to receive benefits and support efforts to strengthen their businesses and the region. Increased membership allows the Chamber to offer additional programs and benefits, have a stronger voice in advocacy and be involved in more activities and initiatives. The Chamber welcomes Appreciative Strategies, to help us fulfill our mission.

Appreciative Strategies, LLC is a for-profit consulting, training, and human performance improvement solutions company. The business is established on the philosophy of human performance improvement through positive interventions. This is in sharp contrast to conventional methods which typically address problems and seek changes that eliminate or solve problematic areas.

Appreciative Strategies, LLC seeks to find the positive forces within people, teams, and entire organizations. Focusing on the positive and life-giving forces that make the people, teams, and organizations what they are today. In its most simplistic terms instead of addressing problems that bring organizations down, this approach highlights and brings to life the dynamics that make it great.

Dennis Gilbert, president of the company, has 12+ years as a business consultant, speaker, and culture development expert, as well as executive management success in the technology sector, having led a business unit to achieve annual sales in excess of $34 million. Dennis has also worked in academia, serving as the managing director of a business unit that provided workforce training and continuing education for both individuals and entire organizations. He also facilitates the Management & Leadership Certificate Program developed in collaboration with Bloomsburg University. Contact Dennis at 1-646-546-5553 or [email protected] to learn more about how he can help your business be more successful. 

Member News – January 8, 2020

  • The Exchange is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2020 by inviting the people who made the Moose Exchange lively and who made the Stairwell Gallery happen at the very beginning.

    The Moose Exchange operated from February 2010 through January 2014; tenants in the building included artists and small businesses, and the Stairwell Gallery presented work by artists of all ages and levels of experience from throughout our region. This show at the Exchange Gallery — successor to the Stairwell — pays tribute to all of the people who brought life to a giant old building.

    The reception takes place Saturday, the 11th of January, 6-8 p.m.; the show runs through the 21st of February.


  • McKonly & Asbury – a regional accounting and business advisory services firm – is pleased to announce that Kurt M. Trimarchi, current Managing Partner of McKonly & Asbury, was joined by Michael D. Hoffner in the Managing Partner role as of January 1, 2020. Mr. Hoffner has been a valued member of the McKonly & Asbury team for nearly 15 years and this recognition comes from his continued role on the firm’s Executive Committee as well as his many years of dedicated service to the success of the firm.

    This new paradigm in leadership comes off the heels of recent firm growth in 2019, both internally as well as within the firm’s affiliated companies. In January 2019, McKonly & Asbury acquired a third office in Bloomsburg, PA (formerly Brewer & Company), expanding geographic reach and adding to the team of individuals to support future growth. The additional office location also enriched the firm’s expertise in audit, tax compliance, and back-office consulting as well as allowed for additional time and resources to devote to specialty services and industry niches.


  • Join United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties at the Salvation Army in Berwick on Wednesday, January 22th at 3 p.m. for the Recovery Resources Community Event.

    This educational event offers those who are in recovery or active addiction access to free assessments, child care resources, counseling, and so much more. A judgement free space, the event will bring together the different local organizations and opportunities the area has to support families and individuals struggling with substance use disorder.


  • Hand in Hand Family Resource Center is starting off the New Year with some exciting new programs and continuing others that support and educate the caregivers and communities of individuals with health concerns and exceptionalities. Among them is a second mini-series on Individualized Education Plans starting January 18th at 10 a.m. at Danville Child Development Center’s Bloom Road location. 

National Labor Relations Board Overrules Three Major Decisions

From the PA Chamber of Business & Industry

In the month of December, the National Labor Relations Board overruled three major Obama-era decisions that greatly impact the employer community.

In the first decision, the NLRB overturned a previous ruling which required employers to continue deducting union dues even after the expiration of a collective bargaining agreement. In overturning this ruling, the Board reasoned that a dues checkoff provision properly belongs in the “mandatory subjects of bargaining” category that are enforceable only for the duration of the contract.

The second decision that was recently overruled by the Board related to an employer’s ability to keep an internal investigation confidential. The NLRB abandoned the requirement of a case-by-case evaluation for whether confidentiality is required. It adopted the reasoning from an earlier Boeing case that for open investigations, confidentiality rules are lawful; but confidentiality requirements for closed investigations should be made on a case-by-case basis so that any employer-related concerns can be adequately considered.

Lastly, the NLRB overruled a decision that gave employees the right to use employer-owned equipment for non-work purposes – including soliciting for union-related issues. The Board ultimately determined that decades of precedent establish that employers’ rights are generally not restricted from controlling use of their own equipment. Under this standard, employees generally have no rights to use employer equipment – including IT resources – except under instances in which an employer’s email system becomes the only reasonable means by which employees can communicate with one another. However, the Board also acknowledged the reality that employees frequently use employer IT resources for personal reasons, and recognized that employers should maintain reasonable use restrictions.

Book Your Shared Ride Trip Online

From rabbittransit

Want to avoid the phone while scheduling your shared ride trips with rabbittransit? You can with FindMyRidePA.com! Just follow these three steps to start booking today:

  1. Visit FindMyRidePA.com on your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  2. Enter your paratransit/shared ride ID number
  3. Start making your own trip reservations!

When using FindMyRidePA.com, you must schedule a trip by noon one business day before your trip. Once your trip is reserved, you can see and edit panned trips. FindMyRidePA.com will show you the estimated time of your bus arrival. You can cancel a reservation up to one hour before your scheduled departure. For assistance, please call 1-844-PA4-RIDE or email [email protected].

To learn more about rabbittransit’s shared ride service, call 1-800-632-9063 or visit rabbittransit.org today.